Dance that changes.

Photo by Sarina Kurrimbukus

I make dance that investigates the pathways between injustice and suffering and hope, community, and healing. My aim is to engage the audience and performers in the dialogue of praxis, reflecting upon the world we live in and then taking action to transform it. Over the last four years, my work has come to be based in this process. My work begins as a mind-body reflection on the world as it is and the world as it might be. The dance, to me, is the action of creating, even if only for a moment, the transformation that we hope to create in the world.

My work invites everyone – performers and audience members – to engage in praxis. By focusing on experience and body-memories as the basis for movement creation and dance-building, my dances resonate with “the real world” while allowing performers and audience members to engage with the possibilities they create for change.

I believe that dance is for everyone and that the act of dancing is an act of rebellion against injustice. I believe that dance should matter.  For this reason, my work challenges notions about who is allowed to dance, what dance looks like, and the themes that can be danced. Dance should serve the community, locally and globally, as a process of liberation and hope. My desire is that my work can be a catalyst that will initiate actions for change within the communities they were designed to serve. My hope is that the dance will be larger than anyone one person, group, or purpose – in short, dance can change us.

One thought on “Dance that changes.”

  1. I come from such a different time and world. When I first watched her go down this path, I thought that words were something you said and dance was something you watched, As I watched a young girl learn to dance, the trap of emotion caught me by surprise. Great dancers not only have the ability to speak to you through their movement but also move you emotionally. I know from the tears that have fallen down my cheek and also from the laughter that has spilled out of my heart that dance can move you to compassion and love. Controlled dance can speak as loudly as any well prepared and delivered speech.

    Today, you seek to bring together a statement of passion, beauty, emotion and purpose. May you share a clear vision of your hope with your audience, may they see the words you speak, and may your audience be moved by the vision you share.


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